Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smoothies and Oats

If you know me, you know that when I find a product or service that I love, I will 'sell' it to EVERYONE that will listen, so naturally it had to spread to my blog.
I have recently come across two products that fit into my 'have to tell' category.

The first is Muscle Milk 100% Whey protein powder.
Vanilla or Chocolate, A $28 bag from Costco will get you 80 servings of this wonderful stuff.
An 8 oz. serving is only 130 calories, with 27g of protein, and only 1g of sugar, and 2g of carbs. Plus, 15% daily calcium!
AND, this whey protein usually doesn't effect most people with a lactose intolerance!

My brother has spread an addiction to this stuff through our family like wildfire.
He (who is lactose intolerant) has had at least 2 servings a day, (along with a healthy diet) for the past couple of months. He is now at his lowest weight yet, and has noticed improvements in his skin, hair and energy by adding this product to his diet.

I have been drinking the protein smoothies for about 2 weeks now, and have gotten similar results.
Now, the flavor does take a little getting used to, but I was fine with it by the second day.

Here are a couple of recipes that add LOTS of flavor to the smoothies, and little or no calories or sugar.
STRAWBERRY (I have this one every morning) 
8 oz. of water, a handful of ice, one scoop of vanilla powder, and 3 or 4 strawberries. (Costco's are AMAZING!) Blend until smooth. YUM! 
130 cal from powder + 4 cal per 1 med strawberry ONLY 146 calories!

8 oz. of water, a handful of ice, one scoop of vanilla powder, and a dash of cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Similar to a vanilla chai tea flavor.
130 cal from powder + 6 cal per 1 tsp cinn. ONLY 136 calories!

16 oz. of water, 2 handfuls of ice, 2 scoops of vanilla powder, a box of sugar free instant cheesecake pudding. Blend until smooth. Add a handful of fresh or frozen berries. Pulse in blender to slightly chop and mix in. Delicious TREAT! Great replacement for dessert!
Makes 2 servings. Each serving -130 cal from powder + 50 cal from pudding + 16 cal from berries. ONLY 196 calories!

8 oz. of strongly brewed coffee, a handful of ice, one scoop of vanilla powder. Blend until smooth. Vanilla powder replaces the need for sweeteners or cream.
130 cal from powder. ONLY 130 calories!

Also, If you have the time and are willing to wait for your smoothie, Make the smoothie as directed above, but then freeze for one hour. Re blend. The texture is FANTASTICAL. More ice creamy, less watery.

SECOND UP -  Better Oats 'OAT FIT'

This instant oatmeal is inexpensive (found mine at fresh market for $2 I think...) is CONVENIENT (once you pour the oats in your bowl, you can use the packet to measure and pour the perfect amount of water), QUICK (cooks up perfectly in 90 seconds), HEALTHY (only 100 calories, with NO sugar!!!), and VERY tastey (I've tried maple and brown sugar, and cinnamon roll). Plus, they are eco friendly with compact packaging!
The also have a wide vareity of 'lines' aside from OAT FIT if that's not exactly what your looking for (although I can't vouch for the others cause i haven't tried them yet.)
OAT REVOLUTION - ll natural 100% whole grain oats. We then add heart healthy antioxidants and ground flax, a good source of Omega-3 to enhance the classic taste
ABUNDANCE  - harvested and milled to retain their naturally thick and varied multigrain textures and mixed with real fruit and natural flavors.
GOOD N' HEARTY - 100% whole grain oats milled to retain their thick and chewy texture, and flax, which is a good source of Omega-3
LAVISH - premium chocolate morsels with the finest 100% whole grain oats for a naturally thick, rich and chewy texture.
MUFFINSmuffin taste in a healthy and nutritious 100% whole grain oatmeal.
OAT HEADS - oatmeal with fun flavors kids will love.
RAW PURE AND SIMPLE- 100% organic, whole grain oats blended with organic whole grains and seeds, like flax, barley and quinoa, for a wholesome and nutritious breakfast.

AND, Avary LOVES it! 
She likes to add a few fresh blueberries.

Well, I'm done with my sales pitch. I hope you all enjoy these two great products! 
Let me know what you think!

(I am in no way affiliated with either muscle milk or better oats. I just enjoy what they do.)

Marker Monster

So, the other day Avary received a couple of wonderful little preschool workbooks. Each one came with a dry erase marker so that toddlers could practice writing letters. 
Avary and I worked at this concept for a little while until she got bored. 
But only bored with tracing - no where near bored with the marvelous markers!
And I have to admit, they are pretty marvelous as far as markers go. Very smooth and inky for a preschool workbook.
Anyway, A continued to color ALL over the workbooks. She carried the markers and books with her everywhere all day. 
Eventually, she realized that they worked nicely on her arm as well. Mat explained that markers were only for the workbooks. A agreed.
The next day, she demanded her beloved workbooks again. And again, colored all over her arms. I warned her that if she couldn't keep the markers on the workbook, that I would have to take them away. I truly believed that the message had sunk in.

Later that afternoon, as Mat was teaching and Avary was 'napping' I sat and listened to the chit chat and giggles coming through the monitor. I went in her room a couple of times to remind her that it was time to sleep. Not play.
I left her in her bed, and went back to listening. 
It stayed mostly quiet, but I could tell that she was awake and moving around. I figured as long as she wasn't talking and playing that she would eventually fall asleep.
About 15 minutes went by and she was talking again. 
I went into her room, to find her standing in the middle of her room, her back toward me.
She turned, raised her 'claw shaped' hands to her face, and growled.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's day

We had a wonderful family/fun filled day on Sunday.

It started off with Mat and Avary waking me up with a gift
(new shoes!) and a sweet card.
Once cleaned up and dressed we heaed to
Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta (YUM!) for brunch with Mat's family.

After brunch everyone met up at the Wennergren's for coffee and birthday cake (May 9th is also Josh's birthday.)
I, unfortunately had to run home and get my famous frog eye salad going so it would have enough time to chill before my family's BBQ later that afternoon.

After picking up Mat and A, we all went home and rested up a bit.
When Avary woke up from her nap we went to my parents for the BBQ.
I was so sad that I forgot my camera earlier in the day - so I made sure to take it with me to my parents...and maybe went a little overboard. I couldn't help myself! Everything just looked so good!
My frog eye salad. I won't toot my own horn - but I hear it's amazing.
My dad's grilled shrimp
and Sarah's bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapenos
on my mom's new BBQ!

A LOVES this slide!

Gma Alice, Zak, and my Mom

I feel so blessed to be a Mom and to have so many wonderful Moms in my life!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Avary's faces

Avary just walked up to me and said, "Look at my silly face!"
And then did this...

I was laughing so hard, it took a few tries to get a non blurry photo!

So I asked her to show me her other faces...







I am especially fond of Surprised and Scared. 
 Shocker the whole modeling thing didn't pan out.

Oh, and if your wondering how you can get an appointment with her stylist,
let me know.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Avary is officially DONE with diapers!

OK, she hasn't used diapers for a while now.
She has been doing pretty well with undies during the day, and pull ups at night, But we have still had our fair share of 'accidents'.

Tonight, as we were pulling into our driveway, Avary said "Mommy! Mommy, I need to go to the potty!"
This usually meant that she had already wet her pants, But I said what I always say to her, "Hold on! Just hold on to it and we'll get you to the potty!"
I parked the car, got her out, and rushed her inside.
I was thrilled to find that her pants were still dry!
She did it!
She knew she had to go, and held it until she made it to the potty!

This was a similar story to the night before.

I know that there may still be accidents in the future, but I am confident, and proud to say that Avary is


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mocking bird

As with most kids, Avary is a mocking bird.
It is an eyeopener to things I guess I say without realizing how it will sound when my 2 year old repeats it. 

Avary's quote of the day :

"I'm too old and sick. I need to go to the gym, but I'm too busy."

Embarrassing! I run the park with A and the dogs most days, But I guess I need to stop complaining and get to the gym!