Thursday, January 13, 2011


This year Avary really got the hang of Halloween - and more importantly, trick or treating.

She chose to dress up as her favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow. 
(Pirates have been a big deal lately)
Her costume was a combination of items she already owned, a few makeshifts items, my moms mad sewing skills, and some great pirate accessories from her uncle Zak.

 We spent the afternoon with friends and family at a Halloween party.

Lucy the lady bug

Oliver the doctor/green monster :)

Then we went trick or treating through our neighborhood and 
over to Mat's parent's so  they could see little Captn' Jack.

By the time we got home there was a bounty of candy for us, ahem, Avary.

3 Years old!

For Avary's 3rd birthday we had a small backyard party with just our immediate families.
And we ate a buffet of her favorite food "The panda place" (Panda Express)

We ate cupcakes.

Avary opened presents and played with her cousins.

I can't believe my little girl is already 3! The time has just flown by. 
Avary is so smart and mature for her age, 
sometimes I forget that she is still just a toddler.
she can be shy and cautious, but
she also loves to be the life of the party and to make people laugh.
She loves to sing and dance and color.
Avary LOVES books, and is constantly asking us to read to her.
She has memorized most of her books, and often asks to go to the bookstore.
She loves to play with her cousins and make new friends everywhere she goes.
She is very compassionate and tender hearted.

You are my sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You will never know dear, how much I love you.

Happy Birthday my angel.

Road Trip

In September we made the drive to La Jolla, California 
for a vacation with my family.

We stayed in a large beach house with beautiful views.

We even managed to get a photo of the whole group.

Avary loved swimming in the private pool - and playing with her uncle.

And making necklaces with Auntie D on the beach. 

We all went to Sea World together. 
It was a VERY large group, but we managed to sick together almost the whole day.
Avary had no problem feeding the dolphin, but would have no part in touching it.

She LOVED playing in the sand at the beach,

and eating ice cream on the beach!

We spent some time at the tide pools on the beach right below our house. It was BEAUTIFUL!

State Fair

In September we made our way to the Utah State Fair
It was fun this year - Avary was much more interested and aware of everything that was going on
We enjoyed looking at the different vendors, eating hot dogs and and onion blossom.

Avary LOVES pony rides! She seems so grown up riding all by herself!
She also loved looking at all of the animals. Goats and sheep were interesting. Bunnies were a favorite. Cows....she has a lingering fear from last summer when a CALF mooed near her.

We were also able to hang out with a couple of sea lions for a minute - and had our photo taken with them. Unfortunately I can't get my scanner to work to get the photo on my computer.
Anyway, All in all, a great trip to the fair!

Baby number 2!

By now, everyone knows that we are expecting our 2nd - but I am desperately trying to catch up the blog and include everything that has been missed.

Mat and I had decided that after getting (re)married, it would be a great time to add another member to the family.
Toward the end of August I started to experience a few symptoms of pregnancy. The typical exhaustion and nausea. We tried not to get too excited, of course it was too soon know for sure.

Then on August 30th, while Mat was at his parents helping with a computer problem, I randomly decided to take the test. I prepared myself for a big old negative - it really was far too early for such an immature pregnancy to show up.

Even with all the signs and symptoms, I was completely shocked to see that little blue plus sign.

I immediately texted Mat asking when he'd be home. I hadn't planned to find out that night. I wanted to come up with a fun way to tell him.

I couldn't contain myself. I ran downstairs (where our friends Katie and Spencer were living at the time). I blurted out the news and asked for ideas on a fun way to tell Mat.

Then I got a text from Mat. He was on his way. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret. So this is what I came up with.

When he got home, I asked if he would like to look through some photo edits I'd been working on while he was gone. Who knows what the photos were from - maybe our Sun Valley trip? - I can't remember. But after about 10 photos I placed these.

Mat was so surprised and excited!