Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day at the farm

On Saturday we drove out to Logan to celebrate Father's day with Mat's family.                     Mat and I agreed, it was the best time we'd had at the farm. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Perfect weather for BBQing.
Avary ran around, and played with ANYONE that was willing.
After 'lunch' (Everyone enjoyed cheeseburgers, fruit, and baby carrots - Avary went with a couple of tortilla chips and about 3 cups of lemonade.) A enjoyed a popsicle in the hammock.

I even talked Mat into climbing on the little 'broken down' 4 wheeler. 
(Pretty much the trashiest photo possible. Sorry Mat.)

We enjoyed getting to sit and chat with Ken and Patti (Mat's Uncle and Aunt that were visiting from California) and playing a little catch.
At the end of a WONDERFUL day, I was able to get a picture of the whole group.

Friday, June 18, 2010


So much has changed since I last wrote! Here's a general update on the Wennergren Three.

Last month Mat graduated from Westminster. Woo hoo! Avary and I are so proud of him.
Two days later he started a new job at Candeo, a web based addiction recovery company. He is doing graphic design and video editing for them and is loving it! He is still teaching guitar in the evenings - which has become very popular. He is almost completely booked! He loves to spend the weekends with family, working in the yard, and playing gigs with his band.

I am loving staying home with Avary and being a house wife. Although it does keep me much busier than I expected. Each morning is a bit of a whirl wind (making breakfast for everyone, getting Avary dressed, ironing Mat's shirts, making sure he has something to eat for lunch, etc.. all before Mat gets out the door) Then afternoons full of cleaning, entertaining/teaching Avary, and evenings of cooking dinner, bedtime routine, and finally spending a couple of quiet hours with Mat.
But I love it - and especially love reaching my goal each day to pull my weight by doing all of those things.
I have been trying to get healthy (and lose a little weight) as we have a busy summer ahead of us - I want to enjoy it! I started an Anti-gravity yoga class with my friend Brittany - which I am LOVING. And have also decided to cut all meat and dairy from my diet - which I am also loving. It really makes me think about what I choose to eat. I am also really enjoying my garden which is full of herbs and vegetables!

Avary is loving the warm weather! She loves to swim, 'work' in the garden with me, and go to the zoo. She is getting smarter everyday (which scares me!) She loves to sing and 'jam' on her drums while Mat plays guitar. And I don't know what she would do without her 'show shows' (I don't know how great it is that she is obsessed with tv and movies - but she does learn a lot - so that makes it ok...right?)

Anyway, that is the latest on US! We are all looking forward to the fun summer ahead!