Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th (and 3rd) of July!

We started off the holiday weekend with the neighborhood parade/bbq.

Avary and her cousins had a blast decorating their bikes with streamers, flags and balloons and riding around the 2 block parade route.
Afterward we enjoyed the festivities...
Climbed in (and on) a firetruck - which was the lead in the parade!
Ate a snow cone - A's first ever! She chose blue.
Got a stick-on firework tattoo. 
And finished the event with a hot dog and watermelon - A's FAVORITES.

After a nap (for everyone), we walked to Sugar House park to meet up with my sisters and camp out for the afternoon to get a good spot for the fireworks that evening.
After settling all of our things (we packed ALOT of things to keep everyone entertained), we watched a really cool African sparring/chanting/drumming group. Avary loved grooving to the drum beats, and Mat and I enjoyed the crazy flips and tricks.
Then we walked around to check out all of the fun booths and vendors at the park.
We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in the shade on our blankets playing games and eating snacks. When it got dark, we cuddled up and prepared for the fireworks. They began - and were exploding right above our heads. Avary was terrified. Aside from the VERY loud boom that came with each one, she thought that they were going to fall down onto her. I held her and covered her with a blanket so she could just peek out whenever she was ready. 
The fireworks were beautiful!
What a wonderful night!