Friday, December 31, 2010

5 years married - and now, getting married.

On August 6th, Mat and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.
But it was much more special than just that. We went to the county clerk, signed the documents, renewed our vows, and made it official.

We had only a few family members and close friends at the ceremony - where we included Avary by giving her a necklace. A silver chain, holding one pearl and a silver tag engraved with the date.
I thought it was SO sweet That my dad unexpectedly offered to pay for our marriage license and the ceremony - and also that Mat's parents gave us a beautiful card with cash to spend on our "honeymoon".
Later, I realized that unintentionally, The bride's parents paid for the wedding, and the groom's paid for the honeymoon. I chuckled a bit when it crossed my mind - I guess we are a little more traditional than thought!

After the ceremony we shared a wonderful lunch with family and friends at The DODO.
Then, Mat and I said the most difficult goodbye either of us has ever had to say, when we left Avary to go to Sun Valley. This four day trip would be the longest we had ever been away from her.
Once we were on the road, and (mostly) over our guilt of leaving our little A behind, we began talking. Like, actually talking to each other  - and our conversation did not include whether or not the dishwasher was loaded properly, or if it was better to use spray on or rub on sunblock for Avary. We were able to just BE. It was wonderful.
When we arrived in Ketchum, we quickly checked into our hotel (we stayed at a lodge in town for the first night) and then walked down the street to the Roosevelt Grill. Mat had called ahead and made reservations for a romantic rooftop meal - how sweet!
Everything was perfect - and the food was AMAZING!
The next morning, We ate a DELICIOUS breakfast at The Kneadery, and then Mat took me on the Gondola/chair lift up to the top of Mount Baldy. It was beautiful - and something I had never done in all the times I have been to Sun Valley.

After our trip up the mountain, it was time to check in to our room at the Sun Valley Resort. 
I too wanted to take Mat to do something that I loved in Sun Valley, But he had never done. Horse back riding. First thing the next morning, I called and Made the reservation. Then I went and told Mat about our adventure for the day.....and that the man said that we would have to wear closed toe -solid sole shoes. The problem was - we both only packed flip flops. Oops!
So the hunt was one. Our first stop was to the thrift store - closed.
Then to the drug store - they only had flip flops.
Our last option was the sporting goods stores - or pay for the horseback rides - and not go.
So we reluctantly made our way to the high priced resort town shops. Luckily we each found a pair of hiking shoes that were on sale - but really, even the 'sale' price stung a bit.
We made it to the barn just in time and went on our own private trail ride up the mountain. It was wonderful!

We spent the rest of our time in Sun valley eating the MOST delicious food either of us has ever had, and just hanging out. It was peaceful, relaxing, and just the right amount of time - we were really missing A by the end of our trip.

And now, we are FINALLY, LEGALLY. Mr. and Mrs. Wennergren!

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